for Exiles

Basic info

Server closed

Due to the small number of players, server was shut down on 07 FEB 2021
Server name: “[EU/PL] [PlXP1/H2/ThXP5][Chill PVP][Small clans]”
IP/Port: -
Launch date: 08 December 2020, 20:00 CET
Location: Germany (Frankfurt)
Map: The Exiled Lands
Players Exp: 1x* (same as on official PVP)
Thralls exp: 5x
Harvest: 2x
Max clan size: 3
  • Players capacity: 20 (will be increased to 40 if the number of online players exceeds 15)
  • PVP: enabled 24/7
  • Friendly fire damage: 0.6x
  • Building damage: 0.8x
  • Crafting time: 0.6x
  • NPC damage multiplier: 1.4x
  • Max nr of thralls: 16 (+ 4 per clan member)
  • Thrall conversion time: 0.6x
  • Animal pen crafting time: 0.6x
  • Night time speed: 1.4x
  • Avatar life time: 40s
  • Purge time: 19:00-23:00
  • Restarts: 04:00 & 14:00 CET
  • Server FPS: 60
  • No mods

*I know that on server list it shows 0.2x, but trust me, it’s 1x (you can check in game)



This is EU/PL server for people whom:
- want to play on PVP server
- are looking for server with very simple rules
- are tired of cheaters
- are tired of playing against big clans
- don’t want to spend every day on guarding their base


Don’t cheat
For covnersations on global chat use only English or Polish language
Don’t pretend, that you are admin (unless you are;))
Don’t shit-talk about server/admin
Don’t advertise other servers on chat
“Everything which is not forbidden is allowed”


Monday - 21:00-22:00 CET
Wednesday - 21:00-22:00 CET
Friday - 21:00-22:00 CET
Saturday - 20:00-23:00 CET


  • Q: Will I be banned instantly if I break the rules, or there are some “warnings”?
  • A: Rules are very simple. There are no warnings. If I get evidence you will be banned

  • Q: What do you mean by “cheating”?
  • A: “Undermeshing”, using 3rd programs to gain an advantage in the game, etc.

  • Q: I saw that player “XXX” is using cheats. What can I do?
  • A: Go to discord and send me evidence (screenshots or short video). If evidences are strong enough, the player will be banned

  • Q: Is “foundation stacking” allowed here?
  • A: Sure. IMHO it’s part of the game

  • Q: Will I really be banned for writing words in language other than English/Polish on global chat?
  • A: No, but if you start conversation with someone, then yes. If you want to talk in other languages use local chat

  • Q: Can you spawn for me some free items?
  • A: No. On this server admin acc. is only used to ban people who break the rules

  • Q: Player XXX is killing/raiding me all the time. Can you ban him?
  • A: I don’t care. This is part of the game. Find some friends and kill/raid him if you can’t do it yourself or… go to play on some PVE server…

  • Q: I was raided. Do I get some compensation?
  • A: Not from admin. Maybe some of others players will help you, but be aware, some players can kill/raid you just for asking

  • Q: I just bought the game. Is this server good for me?
  • A: Sure. We are welcoming all newbies and pros

  • Q: Do you ban people everyday?
  • A: If I got evidence, people who breaks the rules will be banned in next weekend (or faster)

  • Q: When will be wipe?
  • A: Probably never